Bitrans Protocol

The First Decentralized Perpetual Protocol With Bitcoin-asset Collateral Support and Low Price Impact Trades On RGB.

Whitelist Shilling

We’re Offering the best trade perpetual with up to 100x leverage to You

There is no decentralized trading exchange with Bitcoin as assets in the crypto. Bitrans is based on RGB and Lightning Network Taproot, making the protocol sufficiently decentralized and versatile.


Fair Mint

Bitrans supported Fair MINT BTS, which the native token of Bitrans. (The upper limit for repeated minting is 500 times)

Leveraged Trading

Bitrans is a decentralized exchange protocol allowing trading with the need sign in with the wallet(Coming soon)

$BTS Staking

Stake $BTS for $USDT rewards paid from trading fees.(Coming soon)


Bitrans is a decentralized exchange protocol built on the RGB, aiming to provide stability,security attributes and privacy for asset transactions in the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Due to the particularity of blockchain closed and smart contracts cannot call the characteristics of external APIs. Bitrans use ChainLink Oracle to obtain external data. Special mechanisms such as the "price feeding mechanism" "contract automation execution" also make up for the not yet perfect function on the RGB. In addition, Oracle support to transfer some calculations or judgments of the smart contract on-chain to complete it off-chain, and then return the result to save the concept of GAS is the same as RGB.



Bitrans is built based on the single-use seals of the RGB protocol. It is possible to close a digital seal over a message to make sure that the message can be used only once. Bitrans use Bitcoin’s Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) as seals, UTXO is treated as a seal, closed when created and opened when used. Due to Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism, the output can only be used once. Therefore, every perpetual transaction you make on Bitrans will be safe and reliable.



The output of a Bitrans transfer does not need to be the same as the output of a Bitcoin transaction. Based on the particularity of RGB, the output of Bitrans' transaction can have no connection with the Bitcoin transaction that promised this RGB transaction. Wiche means that tokens can be "transmitted" from one UTXO to another without leaving any traces in the Bitcoin transaction graph, which greatly improves privacy on Bitrans.


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